LoveSales Does Wedding Season: The Top Bridal Trends Of 2014

We find ourselves in the midst of Spring, the wonderful season of floral dresses, blossoming trees and of course, weddings!

For those in the wedding industry, it’s the beginning of the long awaited wedding season where all the bridal planning ends and the I do’s begin. If you’re one of those recently engaged bride to be’s who simply cannot wait to jump into planning their upcoming nuptials, we thought we’d give you an insider tip on the bridal trends worth looking into this year.

Ball gowns are making a comeback

A few years ago, the new and exciting trend in bridal was the mermaid gown. All the brides were drawn to the nearly skintight wedding dress with the dramatic flare just below the hips and, while this trend was highly popular for the brides searching for a simple wedding look, it seems that designers are starting to stray away from it. It is anticipated that ball gowns will be the new, yet timeless trend in bridal. The game changer is that ball gowns will no longer be known as the princess dress with an excessive amount of bling. It will be an ideal balance of whimsical and airy mixed with the timeless Jackie O simple ball gown style we all know and love.

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Tie it together with a sash

All weddings gowns are designed to wow on its own; until recently that is. Designers are starting to create beautiful wedding dresses that come with a pop of color in the sash. It’s true, accessorizing makes a world of a difference. A bride can come out in a stunning ivory dress; tilt her head from side to side wondering why she’s not sold on it, and a conversation starts as soon as a bling topaz sash is wrapped around her waist. Tie it together with a fabulous sash, and you’re all set!

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Lace details worth gushing over

Move over taffeta, we’ve got a new fabric in town. A trend that is quickly rising in popularity is lace. Perhaps it is due to the whole rustic, country theme that many brides are opting for lately, but lace is starting to solidify its presence in the bridal industry. Kate Middleton may have been one of the first one to step out in lace in her Alexander McQueen gown (flawlessly, I might add) but recently it was Kim Kardashian who donned a lace stunner in her Givenchy custom dress. Needless to say, lace is a trend that will be around for a while.

Kim and Kanye wedding(image source: Photograph: E! News/PA)

A winning combinations: Blush, gold and neutrals

Your wedding color palette is part of the early stages of your wedding planning. If you’re wondering what is popular these days, its simple enough! Blush or light pink is the go-to color, gold is a sparkle must and anything neutral, from burlap to white peonies, is perfection. Combining these colors offers a dreamlike wedding vision that is sure to make your guest feel at home and you, well you will just look idyllic.

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Outdoor venues are so in

Not to sound like a Kim Kardashian broken record but who wasn’t jealous of her wedding venue? Outdoor wedding in Florence, Italy in front of a wall of white roses? Yes, it was spectacular. This is proof that outdoor weddings are on the rise and for good reason. Not only can you design it the way you want, it allows you to utilize nature’s beauty to your advantage. Natural and simple weddings are all the rage these days so take advantage of what you have around you!

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So there you have it, your inside scoop on what’s hot in the bridal world. You’re about to embark in the most fun shopping experience of your womanhood. As you start planning your big day and narrowed down your overall bridal and bridesmaid look, let Lovesales help you!

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