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Ladies get involved with Movember!

It’s Movember and the men are donning some seriously questionable lip fluff and they’re only going to get bigger and more elaborate!

Although it’s a male charity, it doesn’t mean that women can’t take part. Obviously we can’t go around growing huge moustaches and shaping them into gloriousness, but we can throw a moustache party or sleepover or host a moustache themed event at the office and raise money that way and have fun in the process!

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The Best Bonfire Night Outfit Ideas

Bonfire night is nearly here and it’s a night that we at Love Sales absolutely can’t wait for! We are big kids when it comes to fireworks.

Although the fire, the atmosphere and the fireworks are amazing, we can’t ignore that it’s absolutely freezing normally, so we have the yearly dilemma, “How do we stay warm but look hot at the same time?”

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