LoveSales Fashionista Of The Week: Tara Marzuki

Introducing Tara Marzuki, a 21-year-old fashion blogger from Cork, fashion and textile student and founder of the one and only

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If working as an amour and chainmail designer with a professional team for one of the most watched TV shows, Game of Thrones  wasn’t enough, she has also been working in collaboration with top fashion brands including the LoveSales favourites, Missguided and Newlook. came to life after a rough final exam session at university. Trying to escape the stress of essays and heavy books, Tara decided to put part of her efforts into a different project. Bringing her love for fashion together with many beauty tips, she managed to put together a fabulous fashion blog full of useful information, creating a buzz on all her social platforms. After only a couple years of hard work, Tara has been mentioned in top publications like Cosmopolitan and ASOS.

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Her unique and creative style of fashion has attracted thousands of viewers and subscribers. Tara’s YouTube channel has over 42,000 subscribers and her Instagram account has 10,000 followers. Go and have a look now! Careful, you might not want to stop watching…

 Our favourite Posts:

Tara posts recipes of healthier options of some of our not so healthy favorites such as chocolate truffles and chocolate chip cookies – how could we resist! There is also a section of her blog on travel, complete with vlogs and travel diaries, taking us from Rome to Coney Island.

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Of course, fashion is the defining feature of Tara’s blog. Alongside her timeless looks are Tara’s very own fashion designs. Her creativity and her natural stylistic abilities make her stand out among other fashion and beauty vloggers.

Additionally, her YouTube account covers a large scope of topics, full of beauty advice and tips, look books, and hauls. Her channel is perfect if you ever need fashion or make up inspiration.

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Here, Tara debuts a classic monochromatic outfit with a cream turtleneck and leather pants. The simplicity of the look is both effortless and classic. This look is perfect for the emergence of summer, especially on days where the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

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