Welcome to LoveSales!

Hands up who gets the fear thinking about rail upon rail of messy sale items, mismatched, buttons missing, never in your size? When was the last time you picked up a ‘Love this!’ sale item from your favourite brand store? Can’t remember? Us either…

Enter the online revolution – LoveSales!


Welcome To LoveSales


Welcome to LoveSales, your new favourite shopping tool. We firstly would like to extend a big thank you to the loyal Stuffster users for transferring your wish lists over to LoveSales, (was that you?!) we guarantee it’s only for the best!

If you are new to LoveSales – welcome! We’re delighted you’ve joined us! We are about to change your shopping experience forever! Intrigued?

How it Works

We are revolutionising Sale shopping once again, doing all the ‘dirty work’ so you don’t have to. Not only are we keeping the ‘priceless’ price drop alert and wish list features from times past with Stuffster; we’ve added lots of exciting features to our new look.

To make it easy for everyone (yes even men out there!), LoveSales set up personalized accounts for every single shopper.

Hot LoveSales features to look out for:

1. The Sales Feed

The sales feed is based on what you told us you liked in the beginning. Only the brands or shops you choose when you first log in sign up with us will appear in your personalised sales feed, showing the hottest items exclusively for you right now.

2. The Latest Sales

Every day our team hand picks the best sales across hundreds of shops and pops them into the ‘Latest Sales’ section of the website, regardless of your favourites! If you like, add it to your favourites and we’ll keep you updated every time they have a sale!

3. Your List

If you are shopping directly on your favourite website, don’t worry we won’t get jealous, just make sure you add the items you want to your LoveSales list and we can alert you when the drop in price or go on Sale. That way, you can get them cheaper and everyone’s a winner!

Keeping up?! Get the full gossip on how LoveSales works here!

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Any feedback? Email us at hello@lovesales.com – we’re here to help after all!

Happy Shopping!

Marika x