Get Ready for the Black Friday Sales

Let LoveSales find all the sales for you, save your favourite items before Black Friday and then just wait for your alert to say it’s been reduced! It’s that simple!

Some of you may not know, but next friday is Black Friday. Black Friday is more of an American term or day, but the craze has slowly migrated over to the UK and now on the 28th of November every year, thousands flock to the shops and the internet to make massive savings on the things they want.

The Black Friday Sales are on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The term was coined in the 60’s to kick off the Christmas shopping season. The term black was used because the heavy discounts drew such crowds that the retailers would be able to move from the red to the black.

Here’s where LoveSales can help, instead of scrambling round the stores or frantically checking your favourite websites to see when the sales are on and hoping to grab a bargain, leave it to us and then sit back and relax.

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Login to LoveSales or sign up if you haven’t already, add the LoveSales button and add in the products you want from ANY website, let us search the internet for you whilst you relax and go about your day, and we will alert you as soon as it goes on sale! It’s so easy and the best thing is.. it’s completely free to sign up!

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