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How to Get the Latest Sales with

Make the most out of your LoveSales account with this easy to follow step by step guide!

1.) Latest Sales

Everyday we monitor hundreds of brands to keep you up to date on the latest sales happening. That means you are always the first to know!

Our team monitor hundreds of the most popular shops everyday to keep in touch with their latest Sale activity. Go to Latest Sales to see all the shops that currently have a Sale on in one place. So if you want to shop, check here first!

Latest Sale

Click to add a brand to your Favourites List and every time that brand has a Sale in future we will ping you an alert to let you know. Add all your favourite brands today to make sure you’re always the first in the know!

My List

2.) My List – Wishlist + Sale Alerts

Find and save products you love, get alerted when they go on Sale!

Browsing your favourite shops? Every time you see something you like, add it to your Love Sales List! Add products from any website and they are all neatly organised in one place in your List (it’s like a Wishlist that works with any website!). We will continuously monitor your favourites and alert you the instant they drop in price or go on Sale!

Whether you are coveting that designer handbag, looking for a new sofa or want the best deal on a new TV – use Love Sales to organise your shopping and save big on the things you want.

There are 3 ways to add products to your Love Sales List to make it easy on any device.

The Love Sales Button

The Love Sales Button

Go to Get the Love Sales Button to add the button to your browser. You simply drag the button on to your browser to install it.

This is the easiest way to add products to your Love Sales List. Whenever you are on a product you want to add to your List, simply click the button on your browser. The Love Sales popup will appear and will automatically get the details of the product and the price off the page.

Add by Button

You can then set a Price Drop Alert and we will monitor it for you and alert you if it ever drops in price or goes on Sale. You can set it so it alerts you when it drops by any amount or by 20% / 30% / 50% or specify your own target price.

Add by Email

Add Products from a Mobile Device using ‘Add by Email’

The Love Sales browser button above is the best way to add products on a desktop or laptop but it doesn’t work on a mobile. On a mobile device the best way is to use our ‘Add by Email’ feature as follows:

  1. Go to a product you want to add to your List on your mobile device
  2. Click the ‘Share’ button
  3. Then click the ‘Email’ option
  4. A new Email will appear with the web address (URL) of the product in the body of the email
  5. Don’t make any changes to the content of the email. All you need to do is send it to the following email address:
  6. The product will then be automatically added to your Love Sales List and we will continuously track it for you and alert you if it drops in price or goes on Sale!

IMPORTANT: Make sure the ‘From’ email address is the email address registered with your Love Sales account as this is how we will match it to your account.

Add by URL

Paste the Product Link

This works on either a desktop or mobile device. Simply click the [+] button at the top right of the page. A drop down box will appear with all 3 methods for adding a product.

If you select ‘Paste Product Link’ you can add the web address (URL) of the product you want to add. The product will be automatically added to your Love Sales List and we will track it for you and alert you if it goes on Sale!

Tip: Only add products from the actual product page

This is an important tip for adding products to your Love Sales List. For our price tracking to work properly you need to add products from the actual product page rather than from a page with multiple products on it. This is because when you click the Love Sales Button it goes on to the page to get the details of the product.

If you are on a page with lots of different products it doesn’t know which is the correct product or price. Therefore, to get the best results, navigate all the way to the dedicated page for the product where that is the only product on the page. Take a look at the screenshots below. If you wanted to add this sofa navigate to the specific page for that product as in the right-hand example:

Actual Product Page

Tip: Add to your safe senders list

We send you Sale Alerts by email. To ensure you don’t miss any bargains add the domain to your contacts list or safe senders list in the email service you use so none end up in junk.

Customise Your List

3.) Customise Your List

As well as using our Sale Alerts to save money, your Love Sales List is just a great way to organise your shopping. You can add products from any site and they are all neatly stored in your List. This means you can see all your items in one central place easily accessible anytime from any device.

Your List shows you the current price of each item and which items have dropped to your Target Price.

Familiar with Pinterest? Organise your shopping further with our Boards feature. Setup custom Boards to group your products together. Shoes, Handbags, New TV, Gifts for Him / Her – you can add as many Boards as you want and they are great way of short-listing your products.

In the market for a new sofa? You can add every sofa you like from lots of different sites to your ‘New Sofa’ Board. Use this to shortlist your favourites and obviously you have the added benefit that we are tracking them for you and will alert you if any go on Sale!

Sales Feed

4.) Sales Feed

Everyday we scout the sales so you don’t have to!

Your Sales Feed shows a handpicked selection of the very best Sale items from hundreds of the top brands all in one place, everything 25% – 75% off.

Everyday we scour hundreds of retailers looking for the very best sale items. The Sales Feed allows you to quickly browse all the best deals from all the top shops in one handy feed.

My Favourites

Personalise your Sales Feed by selecting your favourite brands. You can do this when you signup or go back and add these in ‘My Favourites’.

Add all your favourite brands to your Favourites List to see a personalised list of the best sales deals from your favourite shops.

Hopefully that’s the basics covered. If you ever need help with anything please contact us anytime at

We are constantly working on improving our service and adding new features. If you have any feedback about how we can make it better for you please tell us at

Happy Shopping!!
The Love Sales Team