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Fine tune your Organisational Skills with LoveSales

Many of you told us your new years resolutions were to be more organised in 2015. Some wanted to be more organised so that they had more time to focus on themselves and family, others to not waste money by being last minute with purchases and for some to keep a keen eye on how much they are spending upfront.

Being more organised has a number of key benefits that LoveSales can support you with:

  1. Planning ahead – so you have more time for yourself and your family
  2. Being a smarter more informed shopper allows you to save money!  Less of the distress purchases and more of the smart purchases. Keeping you on top of everything.
  3. Budgeting for key purchases  – keeps you in control, more organised and thus less stressed.

LoveSales is a free online service where you can not only get alerts when your favourite brands go on sale, but where you can create boards and lists of the items you really want. Save the items you plan to purchase throughout the year and we will let you know as soon as they go on sale!

1. How can LoveSales help you plan ahead?

There are so many events and occasions that go on throughout the year and most of the time they creep up on us and we rarely have the money to get gifts or new outfits for these events. You may have a wedding coming up, several birthdays throughout the year as well as events where you need to go out!

Planning and finding the money for these occasions can be really difficult but LoveSales aims to change all of that!

LoveSales offers you the ability to create many lists and boards entitled whatever you wish, so that you can plan these occasions and the items you may need to buy for them.

We have created a few example boards of how you can use LoveSales for those all so special events and occasions throughout the year. You can plan your year with the events coming up and add in the items you will need for each occasion.

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A. Plan for Valentines Day

You can plan the items you want to buy for your loved one for instance on Valentines day. Add in the things you like and then we will alert you as soon as those items go on sale. Add in those amazing gifts, from jewellery to perfume and don’t forget the flowers and chocolates! You can add products in from ANY website!

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B. Plan for Home Purchases

You may know that in the next few months your vacuum will pack up or your will need a new set of towels and plates but don’t quite have the money for them now. By creating a board for upcoming events you can search for the items you like and calculate the amount of money you need to save up to get the things you want!

C. Plan for Birthdays

Always useful to create a Birthday board! No doubt you will have birthdays for adults and children throughout the year, they always sneak up on us and you always have to rush out and get last minute gifts. Add items you might need for specific birthdays into your board, plan ahead!

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D. Plan for Weddings

Weddings are another event that can be planned for, you can save in specific gifts for the bride and groom as well as outfit ideas you may want for their special day!

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2. Being a smarter more informed shopper allows you to save money!

By adding all these items into your lovely organised boards you are registering them with the LoveSales system! This means that when the items you have saved go down in price then we will alert you as soon as this happens! So when you need that perfect outfit and accessories for a night out, plan ahead! That way you have money left over for your night out! It’s the most sensible way to shop!

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So you may find that you save a lot of money on your budget for the year as well as honing your organisational skills! The idea is that by savings the items you want early, you can save money on them by the time you really need them. Shops have sales throughout the entire year so you will no doubt be able to get most of the items you love at a fraction of the cost! You will wonder why you ever paid full price for anything ever again!

If you are planning to get that washing machine for home or a stunning engagement ring for your loved one but can’t quite afford it, then just save it in to your board and let the discounts come to you! They will never know you didn’t pay full price for it! With the money you save you can treat yourself

3. Budgeting for key purchases

Once you have created all your boards for your upcoming events you can then start adding in the items that you may want to buy for the occasions. You may have gift ideas, outfit ideas, some killer shoes you definitely need or that some household goods that you think will be great!

By adding all the things you want it makes it much easier to gauge how much money you will need to save up throughout the year, it makes it easier to plan your money month by month or how many hours over time you need to get that gorgeous dress that you simply NEED!

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If you would like to start being more organised and planning your shopping you can start today and it’s completely free! Take a look at LoveSales and our latest sales.

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