Get Latest Sales alerts for the Brands you Love!

Everyone’s got their favourite brands they have and it’s always a bonus when that particular brand goes on sale. Some of you may or may not be using our watch list creator where you can add products from any site into LoveSales and we will alert you when that item gets reduced.

If you just know you like a particular brand when shopping, then you can log on to your LoveSales account and choose the brands you love and set it so you receive emails when those stores or brands have a sale. When signing up you can add 5 of your favourite brands but you can add more in every time you login to your lists. It’s always good to receive info about the latest sales.

Here’s how you do it:

Login or sign up to You will see all the instructions how to properly sign up.

Once you have added in your details you will be prompted to choose at least 5 brands you like to receive latest sales alerts on.

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I’m already signed up

If you are already signed up then login to your LoveSales area and choose the My brands section from the left hand menu, As shown in the image below.

LoveSales, boohoo sale, designer sale, asos sale Once you have chosen “My Brands” it will take you to the brand page where you can choose from the most popular ones or you can search alphabetically for the ones you love.

Will I be bombarded with emails the more brands I add?

The answer is no. More often than not, retailers will have their sales at the same times in order to compete with each other. You will receive all your brand choice sale alerts on the same email, so you won’t be bombarded and you can see all your favourite brands in one place!

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It’s all so simple, if you would like more information about adding your brands you can contact us at or if you would like to sign up for free and start saving money now, go to