Ultimate Summer Events

The Ultimate Summer Events Rundown: Here’s what you don’t want to Miss!

One thing we love in Britain is the summertime and it’s not just because we get a few weeks of Mediterranean weather that sweeps the nation and gives us all an excuse to get out in the garden with a barbeque and straw hat.

Summertime in Britain brings along plenty of exciting events, whether you enjoy watching Cliff Richard sing his heart out at Wimbledon with your bowl of strawberries and cream, or whether you are more interested in rocking out to Motorhead in your wellies at Glasto.

Whatever the weather the team at LoveSales have been busy this past week pulling together our best picks for the summer of 2015, and you know what…we will even help you with what to wear at each event…because we are kind like that.

Glastonbury 24th June

One of the biggest festivals of the year is Glastonbury, which kicks off proceedings on Wednesday 24th June. Notorious for muddy fields, rain and plenty of excellent acts performing on stage this has to be one of the main highlights of the summer months.

Now, as we live in the UK we could expect anything from tropical weather to snow blizzards so it’s always worth planning for the occasion and that’s why the straw hat and welly combo covers both aspects.

Festival Hat

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Festival Wellingtons

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Wimbledon 29th June

What says Britain more than Strawberries and cream, tennis, green grass and Cliff strumming away on his guitar as the rain pours down? Yep, you guessed it, Wimbledon.

Wimbledon starts on 29th June and last just under the course of two weeks, and if you are attending the big event or watching it live on screens in your local area then you may want to equip yourself with a tipi, and a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Tipi Festival Tent

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The Henley Regatta 1st July

The Henley Regatta runs over the period of 5 days and sees over 200 boat races completed. If the weather is good you can sit at the water’s edge dipping your toes as you soak up the sun and the daily events. You never know, you might get a glimpse of Sir Steve.

If you’re heading down for the day or even for the week then don’t forget your boating shoes to fit right in.

Boat Shoes

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Boating Dress

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RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – 2nd July

If you prefer dry land then instead of the Henley Regatta you could visit the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and get some idea for your garden whilst having a great day out. This year is also the 25th anniversary so you can expect to be inspired from the Festival of Roses to the tea and sandwiches widely available.

If you are travelling to the show, then you get theme inspired with this great looking flower power hat.

Flower Power Hat
Floral Dress

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Forgotten Fields – 7th August

Forgotten Fields is another favorite event of the summer, especially for music lovers, as the event packs in festival favorites with sing-a-long back catalogues, fine ales, world beating cuisine, extravagant site art, festival games and a spot of fancy dress thrown in for good measure.

If Forgotten Fields is an event you are looking to attend in August then we have picked a couple of summer items out for you below:

Colour Poncho

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Tough Mudder – 22nd August

This may be a competitive event on the calendar as contestants battle through water, mud, fire, electricity and everything else that the event runners can throw into the scoop. However, as the event is charity based its gives the opportunity for people to get dressed in fancy dress.

So the LoveSales fashion gurus have pulled out two of our favourite fancy dress outfits.

Mens Fancy Dress Costume

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Womens Life Guard Fancy Dress

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Oxford Foodies Festival –  29th August

We can’t have a roundup of summer events without making room for some food and drink festivals, after all we all love being inspired by news foods and ways of cooking.

This will be the 6th year of the Oxford Foodies Festival and over the 3 day course you can expect top chefs cooking in the Chef’s Theatre; wine, beer, and cocktails in the Drink’s Theatre and kids can learn to cook too in the Children’s Cookery Theatre.

Knife block in bright green

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Pots and Pans Set

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Notting Hill Carnival – 30th August

Classed as Britain’s biggest street party you would be a fool to miss out on such a buzzing occasion! The Carnival Bands will take to the roads on August 30th and you can sample some wonderful aromas of traditional Caribbean food. With African steel drums and outrageous outfits you will definitely need to pre plan your wardrobe for the day and its worth investing in some bright colours and flamboyant apparel.

Luckily, we have selected the perfect combo’s:

Notting Hill Dress

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Floral Necklace

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Bestival – 10th September

Bringing the back-end of the festival to a close in early September is Bestival, set on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Most people tend to camp here for the weekend due to the trip across the Solent. If you are heading to the festival where the Chemical Brothers are set to headlines then a tent for you and your friends is needed, along with some festival gear.

5-Berth Tent
Festival Mac

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The Rugby World Cup – 18th September

The Rugby World Cup comes around every 4 years so its your chance to get involved as we are hosting the competition here in England!

You can watch the events unfold from 18th September through to the last day in October, and if Rugby is your thing then get behind England with some of these fan favourites.

England Ruby World Cup Beanie Hat

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England Rugby World Cup T-Shirt

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Nottingham Goose Fair – 30th September

Bring our summer rundown to a grand closure before we head into October is the Nottingham Goose Fair which is a travelling fair that sets itself down in the home of Robin Hood on 30th September. The fair hosts over 500 attractions, from the latest white knuckle experiences, family rides and the old favourites including waltzers, carousels and Hook-a-Duck. For thrill-seekers there will be around 100 adult rides and exhibitions.

The fair lasts 5 days so plenty of time for you to explore the fair, but remember to get dressed for the occasion!

Ugg Boots

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Pink Scarf

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Why go abroad when the UK has so much to offer this coming summer time? From music festivals to street parties there are events going on all across this great land of ours and hopefully we have uncovered some that perhaps you didn’t even know about that you are now keen to go to.

Hopefully we have also helped you with some of our fashion ideas. Have fun and stay safe this summer!

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