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The 5 Festival Essentials for Girls

With V Festival this weekend and Reading and Leeds just around the corner, this is a quick guide to make sure you can carry on looking your best all weekend long.

If you think your friend just so happens to look amazing in her festival photos with her flowery headband and wellies without a speck of mud on them – you’re sadly mistaken.

Here’s a rundown of our top 5 essentials that you need to take with you to any festival to stay looking and feeling fresh.




1. Sunglasses

Okay this isn’t so much of a cosmetic essential but when you have panda eyes after awkwardly trying to apply your mascara in your tent they come in handy. It’s also customary for festival goers to wear sunglasses rain or shine so you won’t look out of place.

2. Dry Shampoo

Not only does it make your hair look clean, it gives it volume too! This becomes a godsend in the morning when your hair is looking a little limp and greasy.

3. Tangle Teezer

This lovely brush is small and combats all those pesky knots you may have obtained while headbanging/raving/whipping your hair back and forth. It even works on wet hair which is great if there is a sudden downpour or you manage to find the shower.

4. Baby Wipes

It cleans, it removes make-up and it make you smells nice. If you can’t shower at your festival you NEED them. We recommend biodegradable because you’ll be using them a lot.

5. Disposable Toothbrush

You can try and bring your usual toothbrush along but your morning routine is so much easier with a disposable one.


The main thing is to just enjoy yourself! Hopefully you’ll be having too much fun to care that you’ll most likely get muddy, rained on, lose your tent and stepped on whilst dancing, but it will be worth it. Plus, much more bearable with our handy list.

What items would you add to your festival essentials list? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or tweet us @lovesalesdotcom.


Charlotte x



LoveSales Fashionista of the week: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


Introducing, Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Scottish rooted, London based photographer and award-winning men’s style blogger.

Jonathan started his first blog in 2006 as a creative outlet to keep photography and creative thoughts. The digital world’s engaging and accelerating qualities lead Jonathan to start his next, and first established blog, Les Garçons de Glasgow, an illustration of his hometown as the vibrant, exciting, arts capital it is.

1IMG_5296s(Picture: Ted Baker)

A few years on, not only known for his Tumblr creation 100 beards, 100 days, Jonathan has mastered the art of capturing London’s most fashionable men and their lifestyle. Matching designs from the top brands in the industry with some serious flair and talent, Jonathan delivers GarconJon.com.

A specialist in fashion & street photography, Jonathan uses his expertise to showcase what a man and a camera can do, and he does it like no other. It’s a fusion of street style and grooming, more often than not, fuelled by his fascination with the re-emergence of facial accessorising, or in other words – boys with beards!

Our Favourite Post: Sartorial 7 for River Island

Jonathan Daniel Price(image source: http://www.garconjon.com/2014/05/sartorial-7-for-river-island-part-2.html#more)

Used as an educational series to match the 20% off on suits at River Island and the upcoming wedding season, a team of very fashionable men including Mr. Pryce came together to create the Sartorial 7. But who are they?

Sartorial 7 are London based group of style aficionados forming a menswear collective with the aim to inspire the everyday man to live a designed led life. To see the complete Brighton extravaganza, visit the garconjon blog and become inspired (or even a little bit jealous…) by  Sartorial boys’ stunning shoot on Brighton Beach.

Bring the Fresh British style to LoveSales


riveriland(Image source: http://www.riverisland.com/men/suits?icid=hp/hero/cta/msuitscat)

Fancy the idea of saving money on your favourite styles? Remember, LoveSales is not just for girls.  Sign up with www.lovesales.com, get our browser button and add that River Island three piece perfect for the next summer wedding and we will put it all in your personal wishlist. We will let you know when they go on sale or even when they have a price drop. Shopping made EASY.

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Want more beards, dashing suits and sick London art? Follow Jonathan’s work on his Instagram page or Pinterest page and get a front row seat to the new creative men’s wear shoot and all the other men business Pryce tends to get involved with.

Until next time,

Marika x


LoveSales Fashionista of the week: Reem and Natalya Kanj

Introducing Reem and Natalya Kanj, owners of Five Five Fabulous and columnists for Grazia Daily. From London to Dubai the Kanj sisters reveal their inevitable passion for fashion.


(Image source: http://www.fivefivefabulous.com)

Natalya and Reem have been building the Five Five Fabulous brand since 2009, putting hard work together with a undeniable shopping addiction, they’ve cooked up one of the top fashion blogs in the UK. Thanks to their amazing fashion posts and collaborations with important brands, they are now recommended by the British Fashion Council and short listed for fashion bloggers of the year for the Fashion & Beauty Monitor Journalism Awards.  Five years of dedication and what LoveSales calls ‘helping the economy’ (aka.shopping!!) has certainly paid off, with the siblings working alongside Louis Vuitton to build the campaign supporting the launch of their very first standalone shoe store in Dubai Mall. Jealous much? Us too…

Read more about Five Five Fabulous here.

Being Fabulous is not as easy as it looks; but the Kanj sisters have certainly found the right recipe. Mixing their sweet taste for the perfect designer handbag and their hunger to discover the world, Five Five Fabulous is a blend of the highlights and challenges that the two shopaholics  get to experience on a daily basis. Be careful, following the Five Five Fabulous editors daily lifestyle insights on Twitter can result into an urge of booking a flight to the sun. You’ve been warned!

Our Favourite Project:  FIVE FIVE FABULOUS x NIKE 

Five five project

(image source: http://www.fivefivefabulous.com/projects/five-five-fabulous-x-nike)

Inspiring others is not easy, running a marathon isn’t either; Reem managed to do both at once. Visit http://www.fivefivefabulous.com/projects/five-five-fabulous-x-nike/ to see how.

We’re not going to lie, all the amazing projects R & N managed to get involved in, from building shoes from scratch to touring with music legend, Rihanna, made us more than a little envious. That said, at LoveSales something different caught our eye. Our personal favourite FFF piece is the Five Five Fabulous x Nike project.

In collaboration with Nike, Reem conquered a big one; Running the San Francisco woman’s half marathon in style. We all know how getting in shape and pushing ourselves through a finish line can be hard. With a combination of social channel posts and the Five Five Fabulous blog, Reem documented her journey. Encouraging thoughts and the ‘kick in the bum’ we all need to go for a run are to be expected. Or at least give us reason to look the part and shop for new sports gear, right?

Bring FABULOUS to LoveSales

Directly on their blog you can shop the KANJ look. From Reem’s favourite leather handbags to Natalya’s top Little Black Dress, you are able to go through all their hottest picks in one place.

Wishlist Five Fab

(Image source: http://www.fivefivefabulous.com/shop)

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Want to be Fabulous? Follow the Kanj Sisters on Reem & Natalya’s Instagram or Pinterest page and get all the gossip on how to be part of the #FFF trend.

Marika x